Pool Deck Cleaning & Color Restoration in Phoenix & Nearby Areas


Pool Deck Cleaning and Color Restoration Services

Shasta Pool Repair specializes in deck coatings recoloring on Shasta built residential projects. We focus primarily on residential projects. Our highly skilled finishers know the Shasta Deck Product and can restore your deck appearance to a “Like New” condition.

Our Service Division performs work on decks installed by Shasta Pools. We use a proprietary concrete design, for all the decks we pour. The concrete design was created to ensure against known concrete issues that can occur in the southwest. We do not do deck recoloring or repairs (within the Shasta Pool Repair division) on concrete poured by others.

We take the time to ensure the best possible adhesion can be achieved through proper preparation and advise you on potential problem areas before we agree to recolor any deck project.

For larger and complete deck refurbishing on Shasta or Non-Shasta Pools, contact our remodeling team….recently rated the #1 Pool Remodeling Company in the US!