Shasta Pools Extended Warranty Program


Swimming Pool Equipment & Service Warranty (INVEST and SAVE)

Shasta Pools Extended Warranty programs cover most of your swimming pool equipment with a fixed co-pay per repair. There is not a better way to control the long term operational costs of your pool! Our EW (Extended Equipment Warranty Plan) is a value-added program giving you piece of mind when it comes to maintaining your pool equipment investment.

Extended Equipment Warranty packages and pricing vary.  They are based upon what you want us to cover. Larger residential pools, with multiple equipment on the project, will have a higher premium but nothing in comparison to the costs of complete equipment replacement costs.

As an Extended Warranty subscriber, you are also eligible for product and equipment DISCOUNTS on whole good replacements or upgrades to your existing equipment.  These tremendous discounts to upgrade are available to you when you initially enroll in our Extended Warranty Coverage. For example, you can get as much as 20% off the retail price of a VARIABLE SPEED energy savings pump/motor when you sign up for our extended warranty coverage. Plus, we will not raise the premium for the VS motor coverage when you renew your plan at the end of the 3 year policy period. This allows you to save money on your monthly electrical costs immediately, along with saving on your electrical costs for the next 3 years.  this further offsets your investment costs in covering all your equipment under our EW plan.

When requesting a service all under this plan you simply call our Customer Care phone line at 602-532-3887 for assistance. You can speed up your service request with the use of our ONLINE SERVICE REQUEST Form when placing a request 24/7.  We will return your service request within 24 hours to assist with your swimming pool needs.

Thank you for visiting our new and improved website and looking us over. We want to earn your business and be your swimming pool service provider of choice!