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Pool Equipment and Energy-Efficiency

The term energy efficiency is often times thought of as a buzz phrase, touting the latest trends in environmentally-friendly living, however as a pool owner, energy efficiency means so much more. Not only does energy-efficient pool and spa equipment reduce pool operating costs, it also cuts down on energy usage and saves water. And at Shasta Pool Repair, we are dedicated to giving both you and the environment a little break.

Pentair Pool and spa equipment offers a variety of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products that can help pool owners save hundreds of dollars a year on their electricity bills. While there is a greater initial investment to incorporate energy-efficient equipment, the rate of return in the long run is worth it. Plus, Shasta Pool Repair’s exclusive five-year warranty, available on select variable-speed pumps, means you will enjoy years of electrical savings, as well as unparalleled coverage on your pool equipment.

High-efficiency, variable-speed pumps are a great way to make your pool more energy efficient, as these pumps use anywhere from 30 to as much as 60 percent less energy than the standard pool pump. Other benefits from variable-speed motor use is that your water runs slower during the circulation/filtration cycle, allowing your filter elements to last longer. Additional benefits include less wear and tear on moving parts and quieter motor operation while on low speeds. If the motor does not have to work as hard it simply lasts longer, as well.

Incorporating LED lighting into your pool and spa is also a great way to make your backyard more energy efficient. Not only is the life span for an LED light longer than traditional incandescent lights, you’re also using much less wattage, saving you money by lowering your energy bill.

Automating your pool and spa system is one of the most effective ways you can make your backyard more energy efficient. Automated control systems, such as the Pentair Screen Logic system, allow pool owners to control their environmentally-friendly equipment wherever they are with a single touch on your smart device.

There’s no reason for any pool owner to use more energy or spend more money than necessary in order to maintain their pool, and at Shasta Pool Repair, we’re dedicated to giving you the most energy-efficient custom pool scape, using the best pool products in the industry, to enjoy in the most effortless way.

(*5 Year Shasta Equipment Warranties Available on select offers.  See equipment specials for details)