Swimming Pool Pressure & Acid Washing


Pool Service & Cleaning Company in Phoenix

Shasta Pool Repair is the most knowledgeable service company when it comes to doing interior clean ups. With our 50+ years of pool construction knowledge and understanding of cement products, we understand what to do when it comes to interior clean ups.

If you hire someone to clean up your pool interior and you see them pouring acid straight out of the one gallon jugs onto your interior finish….BUYER BEWARE. Muriatic acid is CORROSIVE and will eat/strip the cement from any plaster, pebble, or cement based interior finish if applied improperly. These companies etch the surface and cause premature damage to your swimming pool interior. No matter how inexpensive their fee is, the cost of destroying your interior is far more expensive in the long run.

At Shasta Pool Repair, we use a different process for cleaning surface staining from pool interiors. In fact, we will even advise you if we think your pool interior is a good candidate for cleaning, or if we recommend against it based upon the age of the interior, the condition of the aged finish, or any preexisting conditions we see that would be adversely affected by our process. We will NOT use our process if we feel the interior will not withstand the process and we can achieve a positive outcome.

Not all interior staining can be removed based upon how long it has been on the surface, the type of staining, etc. Again, only someone with the knowledge of cement finishes and the conditions created by water chemistry fluctuations can properly advise you about what to do with your interior.

Hire a professional pool construction/service company like Shasta Pool Repair to perform your interior clean up. We are not the least expensive but we will do it right. If we cannot perform an interior clean up with the confidence there will be an acceptable outcome, we will advise you accordingly. Ignore the rest…and hire the best….Shasta Pool Repair. We know swimming pools!