We Are In-Floor Cleaning & Circulation System Experts

As an industry pioneer and leading pool builder and installer of in-floor cleaning and circulation systems, Shasta Pools has led the Arizona pool industry in introducing innovative products that automate pool maintenance. These innovations have made us a leader in making pools more energy efficient, more cost effective, and hassle free. The products we service within Shasta Pool Repair are specially designed to offer long term value for our clients with extreme energy savings, fewer repairs, and extended life of the pool and equipment.

Shasta Pool Repair Saves You Time and Money

Imagine having a pool that is easy to use and easy to own? Sounds futuristic and fantastic right? Welcome to the new age of pool ownership where you work with a Service Provider who understands the latest innovations in our industry. The Shasta Pool Repair team are in floor cleaning and circulation system specialists. We know that when your infloor system is working properly, it can perform most of the work so you can have time to enjoy your pool.

Say goodbye to always dealing with your cleaning system issues when you call upon us for our expertise. Nothing lasts forever and that is where we come in. We can ensure you enjoy silent cleaning and superior circulation. With flush-fitting cleaning heads, low profile drains, and quiet engineering, the Shasta Pool Repair team helps your floor system stay operable so it can do most of the cleaning work.

We helped to refine the Quik Clean in floor system. Call the service company that knows how to maximize your in floor cleaning experience.