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Shasta Pool Repair is the equipment service division of Shasta Industries.  We take pride in providing quality customer services and we appreciate hearing about your experience with us.

Please take a few minutes to browse through our testimonials to see what some of our clients have said about their experience with Shasta Pool Repair.  If you are a customer of Shasta Pool Repair and would like to leave a review, please click here to share your experience with us.

  • I submitted a request-for-service via the website but had to follow up a week later, since no contact from Shasta was forthcoming. Upon my second request, I was contacted within the hour and arrangements were made for service on our pool. I also received an e-mail from Rick Mortensen, Executive Director of Customer Services, apologizing for the lapse in service and ensuring that we were contacted for scheduled services. Rick followed through to make sure that we were also happy with the service as scheduled, and indeed we were. The technician sent, James Engle, was prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. His work simply could not have been better and I appreciate the courteous follow-up on the part of Rick as well. Thank you to all of the Shasta team for turning this around and making this a very positive service experience!

    Amanda W.

  • Great customer service and always on time!

    Angela W.

  • Repair completed and explained – without pressure to purchase a number of items.

    Anthony H.

  • The pump installer did an excellent installation. He was very professional and explained the new equipment in a clear fashion. He represents the company extremely well.

    Arnold C.

  • Very good service.very helpful fixed problem, in no time a nd explains what he wad surprises.

    Barney A.

  • Andrew Schwab was the tech that came to my house today he fixed the problem fast and did a great job as he always does i’m very happy. Thank you

    Cathy P.

  • The work was quick and clean, the technicians very pleasant and prompt, and everything was done on the time schedule as promised! We are extremely happy with the experience!

    Charles M.

  • The service technician arrived promptly when expected and was very helpful during the filter cleaning. He spent his time going over every step, which allowed me to take notes. Shasta has been great to work with from the initial sales to build to service call.

    Dan T.

  • I don’t think it’s ever taken Craig more than 30 seconds to diagnose my problems and fix them. Im always glad to see its him making the service call, you can know you’ll be getting top service!

    Dana L.

  • Technician was friendly and arrived ahead of time. New his craft and completed the installation efficiently.

    Dannie T.

  • The Tech was on time and diagnosed and completed the repair in a short time. He was friendly and informative.

    Darrell T.

  • “They were here when they were suppose to be and we felt that Adam knew his product and how to help us.”

    Dave G., Phoenix, AZ

  • Craig, came out to replace my quick pure 3 as it had stopped working, When Craig got here he checked everything and said all we needed was to replace the main tube on the unit. this saved me about 300.00 dollars and it would have very easy for him to just pull off the old unit and put in the new and go for the bigger bucks. Instead he was honest and did the right thing. This is exactly why when we were looking at all the options/companies to build our pool we decided to go with Shasta. Being a sales person I have come to know how important honesty and integrity are to building long lasting relationships with people you can trust and who trust you. Shasta has our Loyalty and they earned it. Sure wish they had not sold their stores I really miss knowing the people in the stores had a genuine interest in taking care of us and our pool and not just selling us something.

    David W.

  • All the people we have worked with have been good and seem to care. Craig Miller was here to check our salt cell and did a fine job. He also showed me a couple of things that are good to know about the schedules for our pool. Thanks

    Denis B.

  • I am a long time ( 12 years ) ” raving fan ” of Shasta and have had minimal issues with my pool during that period , and when I did I always had a 5 STAR experience. My most recent repairs involved a new variable speed motor and replacement of my pop ups. As in the past the service by every member of Shasta Pool Repair that I dealt with was outstanding. Special KUDO’s to Scott K for the new motor, Phil Z for the new gear assembly and many helpful tips on the pop ups, and Alvin ( a diver ) who was here last week to complete the ” tri-fecta ” of ” world class ” service. The communication with the service group in making the appointments , along with the timely update as to the technicians arriving , and the personal interaction with me regarding what they were doing , and their professionalism and workmanship all added up to ” 1st class service ” from start to finish. Congratulations all the way around for a total team effort, and for keeping me a ” raving – fan ” of Shasta.

    Donald H.

  • Cracked pump housing repaired. Chris, the service repairman, went way above and beyond to make sure I didn’t have to wait any longer to get my pool repaired. He came in on his day off in order to make the repairs when I requested even though he had to rearrange his personal time. Chris is very knowledgeable of pool equipment and worked quickly, and accurately, to get the work done. We also talked about chemicals and he obviously knew a lot about how to treat pool water. I had another problem that has been annoying to me for years and, without interrupting his repair work, helped me to get that fixed, too. Try to imagine him working on fixing the cracked pump housing and giving me very helpful advice at the same time. Amazing. It’s rare to find a person who is technically competent while also having interpersonal skills, willing to demonstrate that he believes in the importance of customer service to the company. He made me happy that I have a Shasta Pool. Thanks again Chris. I hope Shasta Pools acknowledges you for your outstanding work.

    Doug D.

  • I couldn’t rate the Shasta service as it is indicated that “No Address Found”. Don’t understand that as I’ve been a customer since 1995 and have had Shasta service for years. It’s frustrating when that happens!! So—I couldn’t rate the excellent job by the serviceman who replaced three valves that operate my waterfall.

    Evelyn H.

  • I was extremely pleased with the service call. The technician arrived timely, his explanations were clear and very informative. I am also very pleased with the changes he made to the pool cleaning system.

    Gary P.

  • Very happy with the tech, he knew within minutes what the problem was. there is no substitute for experience

    Glenn H.

  • We had several things wrong and the repairman fixed all of them and explained what was wrong with each part. Now our pop-up stations all sequence, the pop-ups all turn and there are no air bubbles in the system. Finally! Very nice. He cleaned up and everything looks nice now.

    Glenn O.

  • Very knowledgeable repairman.

    Greg G.

  • Phil cleaned my filter and gave me instructions on how to due it myself.he service and help was first rate. craig repaired a cleaning jet and he too was extremely helpful and polite. 5 stars for both both the men and their service

    Harry S.

  • Excellent job on service and knowledge of system. Thank you

    Harvey W.

  • We have been very satisfied with the shasta pool,and the great service by their staff.

    Herbert V.

  • Shasta has maintained the hardware in my pool for years. I would use them again.

    IT D.

  • It was a pleasure interacting with Craig. He was extremely knowledgeable about our system; answered extra questions we had about running our system; showed us how to adjust the pool water level (not part of the problem he came out to service); was here when he said he would be. Everything about this service call exceeded our expectations!

    James G.

  • The repair person was very knowledgeable and helped me fix the problem. Saved me a lot of money!

    James W.

  • We installed a Shasta Pool 3 years ago, and the family has thoroughly enjoyed it. The only issue we’ve had relates to the valves that were used for our pool. We have 6 total in our set up for water features, spa jets, spa heater, and the rest of the pool functions. We’ve had all but 1 valve fail and need to be replaced. Luckily, we have had a great service tech Craig. Craig has taken care of fixing the valves each time they’ve broken, and has done so promptly and professionally. Otherwise, Shasta has been fantastic, and our pool has been incredible.

    Jim I.

  • They replaced the warrantee filter parts.

    Jim K.

  • We have used Shasta Pool services for many years. We decided to return to you for our filter clean as we were not receiving good service from an independent. Our experience this time was outstanding and we had questions answered. We w ill now have Shasta clean our filter on a regular basis. Thank you for good service and experienced personnel.

    Jo & Ron D.

  • The pool was finished in sept. Of 2010. The process was very well done. If there were issues they were all handled very pomptly and professionally. We have the company come out A couple of times per year and do maintenance And Craig is excellent to work with if we need any repair it gets handled right away. He knows his stuff. Shasta has a warranty program that is outstanding. Once your warranty for the pool is Up they still have a program with a deductible to offset costs of repair. Have not seen very many Pool companies that stand behind their products like Shasta. We would recommend the co. over everyone else . Thanks Shasta!

    Jody G.

  • Service was a pleasent experience, tech was very knowledgeable. Miss the Shasta stores……

    Joseph C.

  • Shasta came the day after our call was made. They said someone would call between 7-9 to let us know when a technician would arrive. We receive a call just after 7. The technician arrived exactly when he said he would. He found the problem immediately and fixed it. He also checked a couple of other things for good measure. This is my second Shasta pool and I would never have any other brand. They stand behind their warranty and they have excellent customer service. Thank you.

    Kimberly M.

  • I thought the service tech was informative and knowledgeable. I will utilize Shasta pool repair again I’m sure as well as recommend to friends with pools.

    Larry P.

  • Loved the service and the service repair man Greg Miller. He was good!. Was happy too have the service done in an excellent amount of time. So hot and not to have the pool running was not good but Shasta sent out the order and Greg was here. Did a wonderful super job on the fix. Love the fact that Shasta still stands behind the warranty. We have had our pool for over 14 years and anytime we needed a fix they were there. Honoring the warranty. Not the usual with most things. Thank you Shasta. Your the greatest and so is Greg. The very happy Smiths. Thanks for sending the email. I tried to get into the site to do this but couldn’t get the job done. Was blocked so thanks for taking the time to send this. Wanted to do it.

    Larry S.

  • They were very professional! Explained to me how to operate everything and got it installed fast!! Very happy with the service!!

    Leslie S.

  • We have had three pools built in houses across the country including in California. When we chose Shasta to build our pool/spa at our current residence it was because among the five pool companies we surveyed, Shasta offered what we perceived to be the best value…..meaning quality versus cost. Shasta’s bid to build our pool was in the middle of the pack cost wise but quality wise it was far ahead of the competition. We have been well satisfied with Shasta over the 10 years since our pool was finished and that satisfaction stems from Shasta’s people who seem driven to build it right and then provide superior services when there is a maintenance requirement. If we were to build another pool at another residence in the Phoenix area, Shasta would build it.

    lyle R.

  • Knowledgeable service man. Helpful and not trying to sell you something you do not need.

    Marie V.

  • On time. Very knowledgeable. Communicates with the customer well and explains the operation so I can understand the use of the new pump. Would recommended Shasta repair and customer care to any one.

    Michael T.

  • It was very easy to make an appointment. The tech (Craig Miller) arrived promptly on time. He was very courteous and knowledgeable. The service call was completed in 45 minutes and to my entire satisfaction.

    Norman L.

  • Was not happy that the valve package was not covered by the premium lifetime warranty, but the work was excellent

    Priscilla L.

  • Whenever I am asked about my pool and pool service I always give the same reply- IT HASTA BE A SHASTA.All my experiences with Shasta have been a perfect ten, or a perfect five stars. Everyone is friendly and professional. Device people are prompt and known their stuff. That is why I can say without reservation, IT HASTA BE A SHASTA!

    Ralph M.

  • Craig show up on time and very quickly was able to determine what was wrong with the chlorinator. I then asked about 2 of the heads in the pool and explained what I had done. He was able to replace the 2 heads and the pools works fine. As to the chlorinator we will replace in the spring, since cool weather and fall is coming on and I need little or no chlorine in the pool during this period.

    Richard J.

  • Shasta installed a new multi-speed pump on our pool system as required by AZ law in replacement of the previous 3HP single speed motor. Although I preferred the old pump, I am looking forward to saving some money on my monthly electric bill going forward with the new pump. It is definitely quieter than the old model. The Shasta tech spent the time necessary to make sure that I was proficient in how the new pump is programmed and operates so that I can make adjustments as necessary. Shasta has always gone the extra mile to ensure that we are ultimately satisfied with our product.

    Rob T.

  • Simply the best ! Over ten years to date with Shasta and the service has been nothing but top rate. Very knowledgeable, professional, and to repeat, simply the best customer service going. Given that this is the year 2014 when most companies don’t give a damn about their customers post sale, this company is truly a breath of fresh air.

    Robert B.

  • We have used Craig several times for pool repair. I am always impressed with his knowledge and expertise.

    Robert M.

  • The chlorine generator would not work and kept blowing fuses. Craig Miller came out in an extremely timely manner, diagnosed the problem quickly, replaced the chlorine generator and explained the device, He was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I was extremely satisfied with the service.

    Robert P.

  • Although Shasta had built our pool 23 years ago, when it developed a coping to bottom of the pool crack in the rebar/gunite and plaster shell, Shasta honored the warranty as the original builder. Their people were unfailing friendly and helpful and although it took a couple of months in mid-winter to get it fixed (this timing was appropriate to the process), the repair was done very expertly and with our complete satisfaction. Thank you Shasta.

    Robert S.

  • Although, I had to call practically everyday since last Friday, my experience was excellent with the repairs that were required to get my pool up and running again

    Roger L.

  • I’ve been a customer for more than 12 years, as I have a lifetime warranty. Customer service has been knowledgeable and efficient in scheduling my appointments. Appointments are generally soon after my call and the techs arrive on time. In my experience, work has been done quickly and correctly the first time. I am definitely a satisfied customer.

    Roger Q.

  • Repair was completed the day it was scheduled. The repairman was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He explained why I was having the problem and what to watch out for in the future.

    Rose H.

  • good experience considering my single-level pool pump started to make bearing noise and I wanted to replace it before it actually failed. Customer service was courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. The service technician was all of the aforementioned as well. Overall, a very good job. Price can always be better (lower).

    Russell B.

  • Andy from Shasta has worked with me for many years doing pool repairs and educating me on how to take care of my pool. He has been a tremendous asset to me and has always been upfront and honest in his assessments and his work is flawless. A prime example was his visit today…I had been told I needed a new pump for my pool as it wasn’t producing enough pressure to the in-floor heads to make them work properly. Andy came out, assessed and found the pump to be working properly. Andy went through a thorough process of elimination and, after taking the low profile valve apart, found several of the low profile clips to be broken causing low pressure due to them remaining open constantly. Andy repaired what was needed and the in-floor heads were back to normal. Andy saved me about $1000.00 with his attention to detail and his honesty. That’s priceless to me as a customer! Andy is a stand-up representative of your company and has been for many years. I can only hope your other representatives are the same.

    Steven R.

  • Prompt service, and on time .

    Terry P.

  • Craig Miller was the Tech, very professional and helpfully, completely satisfied.

    Thomas S.

  • Subscriber satisfaction–Good, Repairman was friendly. Diagnosed the the the trouble immediately. started work,did not waste time repairing the the defective equipment. He explained to the customer what had to be done and showed him the results.


  • I’ve had three Shasta pools and have always been satisfied with both product and service. My repair on my pool went just fine. No complaints.

    Vance N.

  • Needed cartridges cleaned and a leaking valve replaced. Appointment was timely; technician Craig was professional and thorough. Have used Shasta Service since we built the pool in 2001. Routine service rate has increased over time to $99

    Wanona F.

  • We had a good experience with Daniel. He was prompt, courteous and provided excellent recommendations.

    William R.