For years tile-cleaning companies have been using glass beads to clean the unsightly and heavy mineral deposits off of swimming pool tile. To provide our customers a service that would not damage their tile, we researched and came up with materials that will not frost or cause damage the glazed finish on your ceramic tile. Plus, no one achieves the results we can…GUARANTEED!

Examples of Our Results

The results above are typical for removing heavy calcium/mineral deposits from waterline tile. You can see in the picture on the left, the solid white mineral deposit that covers the tile above the waterline. On the right, you see the amazing results and how the tile has been restored to a “LIKE NEW” look.

Don’t let someone damage your pool tile by using the wrong media for cleaning. Call us…the swimming pool maintenance experts!.

Pebble Waterline Cleaning

The pictures above show the “BEFORE” and “AFTER waterline cleaning results. The waterline you see in the picture on the left was removed with our cleaning process. You can see in the picture on the right that we return the appearance of the pool back to what it looked like when new. Call us and get it done right the first time!

This 10-year-old pebble finish was restored to a “LIKE NEW” appearance with our special pebble cleaning process. This result can be achieved on a pebble finish that has been cared for properly. The benefits of investing in a pebble finish and how it can be restored to look good after years of use is self-evident.

Stone Water Stain Removal

Our pool cleaning processes allows us to clean and restore stone finishes. We can achieve a “LIKE NEW” appearance. The results above show what we can achieve! Shasta Pool Repair knows how to get your pool looking good again! Call us for a quote. We are not the lowest price service….but we are hands down the best!